SoundBodyConcept…”One of Nashville’s most Unique Fitness Experiences”

We believe we can  improve each client’s fitness level through Personalized Functional Strength Training and Proper Nutrition.    Our personal training studio resides within “PUSH-PEDAL-PULL’ (Nashville’s premier fitness specialty store) and features state-of-the-art strength and cardio equipment.

Our goal is to help individuals achieve “the best version of themselves” thru fitness training ,while prioritizing safety and injury prevention.


    SoundBodyConcept is NOT a  Singular Person, Place or Thing…

Were part of a Community of Health ,Wellness  &  Fitness Professionals  devoted to helping people bridge the gap between they’re health & fitness goals and the reality of achieving them.

We hope to better serve individuals we encounter, by connecting them to like-minded resources  that can help them achieve a better, healthier quality of life